Senior 3D Visual Effects (VFX) Artist:

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This position is no longer active. However, please visit our Careers Page to learn more about active opportunities.


We are a San Francisco-based mobile entertainment company that is continuously breaking new ground on smartphones and tablets by building graphically rich games, developing fun new genres of entertainment and creating innovative technologies. We launched in 2009 and have grown to over 200 employees. Our games have been downloaded over 200 million times globally! This person will join one of our new teams working on games in the sci-fi or fantasy genres. We are looking for people excited to bring excellent quality work to mobile and establish our company as a leader in 3D art for mobile. We are excited to be shaping and defining games as we know it on mobile. Senior Visual Effects (VFX) Artists conceptualize, design, and create visual effects for the game. You can create and apply dynamic animation and simulation techniques to a variety of effects to simulate physical and energetic phenomenon. By collaborating with the Art Director, you will help support and execute the vision of the game through visual elements by taking VFX ownership on various environment mechanics, characters, and vehicles. You should have a strong working knowledge of how to implement a wide set of VFX as well as be sharp enough to figure out how to get them implemented in a new engine. You should love problem solving, quickly iterating, and start-up environments.

What you will be doing.

  • See below

What you need to work here.

  • At least 4+ years working in gaming with credit on at least one shipped title as an Effects Artist
  • A BFA, MFA, art degree, or equivalent experience as a 3D Artist
  • An avid gamer across multiple platforms
  • Knowledge of implementing efficient effects (e.g., destructible objects, high quality water, fog, composite textures, lighting systems, laser effects, glow effects, god rays, lensflare, bloom, reflection, volumetric lights)
  • Expert knowledge of particle systems and animated geometry based visual effects. You should understand when and how to implement advanced techniques (sprite sheets, world-space particles, animated effects over time, etc.)
  • Full understanding of the 3D production pipeline from 2D concept to 3D textured asset to rigged and animated final model
  • Able to troubleshoot and smartly correct other artists’ scene files
  • Must have completed one full production cycle on a product from beginning to end
  • Work closely with engineers and designers to create high quality visual effects and particles for characters, buildings, and environment assets
  • Experience with constructing and animating complex rigs and animations
  • Strong organizational and file management skills
  • Pluses:
  • Previous experience leading other artists
  • Ability to evaluate competitive products and learn from their VFX implementation solutions
  • This is a full time role that would require you to be on site in our downtown San Francisco studio.


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